viernes, diciembre 2

Beck's "Girl" [Remix by Octet]

Holy crap. I'm not sure on my stance on remix albums, I don't recall ever really liking an entire record of remixes. The most memorable in my mind are Bjork's "Telegram" (counter part to her "Post" record) and The Faint's... um, well the remixes for Danse Macabre. Though I enjoyed most the tracks on these records, I didn't enjoy them as a continuous, whole records. So far so good for Becks' "Guerolito." Too soon to say whether or not I can enjoy it as a whole, but so far - no complaints. There are really handsome remixes on this record by artists whom I figured would make great versions of already teriffic songs, but some who I wondered about their follow-through. I've been pleasantly surprised all around.

"Girl" was the track off of "Guero" that I constantly sought out, and of course I was most curious at an alternate version of it... and I have to say it's great. One minute it's stripped down, accompanied by classical piano (wow), another moment later and it's a pounding electro hit. Somehow it all works - constructed and deconstructed. Reading this, you probably expect it to clash, but somehow it works... in the end all of its quilted elements melt together.

Anticipating skeptic turned total fan.

jueves, diciembre 1

The Knife's "Heartbeats"

Mr. Powell sent me The Knife's "Deep Cuts" album, which I'm confident to say is an appropriate title... because this is a perfect record. I haven't really been in love with a whole record in awhile... "Heartbeats" is my jam - it's so sweet, plainly speaking, and has incredible beats to back it up. It makes me feel like it's Spring outside, instead of a blanket of fresh, cold, lonesome snow.

Now, you probably have heard the Jose Gonzales version on that Sony commercial everyone is having a boner for.
(Myself included, the advert is simply beautiful. Good job Sony!)
It's the one with the bouncy balls set loose in San Franisco opposite Coit Tower.
This is a shot from the ad's filming.

Incredible how, stripped down and powered by dual vocals and a filtered acoustic guitar, a song can lose all its optimism and vigor. It brings about a different emotion, like if The Knife version is the first signs of Spring, the Jose Gonzales track is like the dead of Winter. Both beautiful in their own separate ways, inspiring different kinds of sentiments.

You can see the balls galore/boner inducing commercial here:
You can hear Jose's full cover version here:
You can hear the original version by The Knife here:

it's funny because it's true.

Mercury must be out of retrograde!
Buddyhead just put up new gossip.

martes, noviembre 29

Komeda's "Nonsense"

After listening to last year's Knife album for the 2nd time in a row tonight, was this Komeda song... which has lived in my itunes for quite awhile but has remained undiscovered until tonight. I'm sure I've heard it in passing, but it didn't catch my ear until tonight. And, it's quite fitting because I can relate to the lyrics. In fact I probably sat and really listened to it because of the connection the sentiment made with how I feel about someone right now. You know what I mean? In any case, apart from the fact that it's safe to say that we all know someone who has at least come close to affecting us enough to relate to this song, it's a pretty tune - like any Komeda song, really.

Start poopoo.
We've all had that friend (or lover, as a friend pointed out this song is suitable for as well) that has consistently disappointed us after a million chances, excuses and alibis. In my case, it's been an internal struggle. I realize this person needs help, and I try to be that help but they never really clearly reach out to me. It's apparent that said person just tries to cover up whatever that is wrong and it's more important to disguise what the problem is, put on a good face, and pretend (read: lie) that there is nothing really the matter. Whether this person wants to believe it or not, the facade is transparent not only to me but to mutual friends as well. This facade has led me to believe, or realize that, I can never be a real friend to this person - the way I'm prepared to be if they continue this unneccesary masquerade. It makes me feel like my efforts in the past to befriend this person below the surface layer were to no avail and that they had no real concern for me, which is awful because really - I've done a lot for this person as far as being supportive and presenting opportunities and going out of my way. But that's also partially my fault. You can't *make* someone do something, even if (especially if) you think it's good for them if they don't want it as well. In this person's case, I was blind to the fact that all they really want out of life is to see and be seen. Disappointing, indeed. Whoa, total venting.
End poopoo.

Lyrics here:

T. Rex's "Diamond Meadows"

Any song on the Velvet Goldmine soundtrack is a-ok by me... but this one especially is darling.
Violins always tug at my heart strings causing an affinity for any melody that harbors them in the layers.

And the line "Hey, let's do it like we're friends, let's do-it do-it" - it gets me every time.

lunes, noviembre 28

Elliott Brood's "President (35)"

Matt DuFour sent me Elliott Brood's "Ambassador" album yesterday,
and the way he described it - I really felt like I wouldn't enjoy it.
(No offense, DuFour!)
But by the 2nd track I was thankful to own this.

Neko Case meets Man Man
Kim Deal meets Tom Waits

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