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Attn cat lovers: The Rancho Los Amigos Cats!

Since the Rancho Los Amigos Cats have been generously given a temporary home, I have donated a cat tree to them! Thanks to Emilie who told me about it and Monica (who shown in the video below) who came to pick up the cat tree.


This is the story of the Rancho Los Amigos Cats:

L.A. County officials and Animal Control have been waging all-out war against a managed colony of stray and feral cats who have been living for years at Ranch Los Amigos. Their aim is to trap and kill the cats, prevent TNR groups from feeding them, and other inhumane measures. Fences have been built preventing cats from entering their previously safe haven, crawl spaces under buildings have been boarded up (sometimes trapping the cats inside, "no feeding cats" signs have been posted, and the cats are being trapped and killed, one-by-one. FailSafe4Cats, whose members manage the cats, have been negotiating with county authorities for over a year, with pleas to closed minds. View this YouTube video by whospuss, then contact the L.A. authorities to voice your support for the FailSafe4Cats efforts. Link:

And the video on you tube:

They are looking for more supplies, here's the original email:

A very nice SCA supporter has let us use her home as a temporary holding place for the Rancho Los Amigos Cats. The space is very big and comfortable. The cats are going through a very difficult transition and we want to reduce the stress by giving them plenty of places to hide and escape from each other. If you can donate or lend us any of the following please let me know right away. Used or new!!

Cat Trees
Scratching posts
Cat beds
Cat Food
Anything else you might think they will like!!

Thank you,

Monica Moreira

If you have any donations, please send Monica an email. Tell her I sent you!

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