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Gay and Lesbian Musicians Needed

Gay and Lesbian Musicians Needed
Name: Andrea Kleinheksel
Category: Lifestyle
Email: _andreakleinheksel[at]gmail[dot]com
Title: Assistant Producer
Media Outlet: SistersTallk Radio - Lesbian & Gay Online Radio
Specific Geographic Region: N
Deadline: 12:07pm CENTRAL - 10 July

We're looking for established gay and lesbian musicians (all genres) who
want to discuss their career and the various struggles associated with
being an openly gay/lesbian musician. We're looking for artists who are
NOT signed with a major record label, but we would be interested in talking
to those who are newly signed to a major label.
Please visit
http://blogtalkradio.com/Sisters_Talk to learn more about our show. If you
think you or someone you know would be a great fit, please send us the
1. Your name 2. Your genre of music 3. A link to your
web site (so we can check out your music) 4. Email address 5. Contact
phone number

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