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Associate Producer; WB Games Inc., Snowblind Studios

Snowblind Studios, a division of WB Games Inc. seeks an Associate
Producer to be responsible for overseeing specific aspects of
development on a single project as determined by the Producer. This
project will most likely be a game that will ship on multiple
platforms. The Associate Producer will handle aspects of both hands-on
development as well as small-team management such as Strike Team Lead.
This will be wholly dependent upon the AP's skill set. The AP will
help with workflow processes, task schedules, outsource tasking and
licensing approvals as defined by the Producer. Position will make
sure that Strike Team goals are being met. Make sure that game goals
and features agreed determined by the Producer are being met. Help
identify process and pipelines needed between the various disciplines
of the strike teams. Manage strike team schedules. Provide regularly
scheduled communications with the strike tea team members. Provide
clear, concise communication to the Producer as well as all team
members. Manage strike team members as necessary. Help write yearly
reviews for individuals that they may have managed. Organize reference
material needed for outsourcing. Gather and track all assets needing
approval from licensors. Ability to travel between buildings on short
notice required. Passport eligibility preferred. Minimum 1-3 years of
experience working in the videogame industry. Experience managing
other team members. Shipped at least 1 title. Multi-language
localization experience preferred. Multiplatform Cert experience
preferred. Strong writing, communication, interpersonal, and
organizational skills. Excellent communication skills and an
understanding of team dynamics. Ability to work well under pressure
and deadlines. Strong interest in games. Good technical understanding
of 3D games and technology. An understanding of both console and PC
development. Knowledge of current PC hardware and setup. The ability
to complete multiple concurrent tasks in a fast paced environment with
minimal supervision under tight deadlines. Ability to adjust
management style to the needs of each employee. Team player, positive
attitude and ability to remain cool under pressure. Willing to assist
in areas outside of department to help the project. Capable of
nurturing conflict resolutions.

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