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NYC JOB OPP: System Recordings / Double Blind Music

Company: System Recordings / Double Blind Music
Job Title: Promotions Manager
Description: Promotions Manager

Independent Music Company is seeking a Promotions Manager. The ideal candidate will have a strong knowledge of Electronic and Alternative music, culture and lifestyle. The Individual should be capable of working in a fast paced environment and must be energetic, outgoing, tenacious and highly organized. Proficiency in MS Word and Excel is a must.

Responsibilities include

* Commercial & Alt Specialty Radio.
* Satellite, Cable and Background Music outlets.
* Club, VIP & Pool DJ Servicing.
* BillBoard and CMJ Panels When called for.
* Video Promotions

Salary and Benefits commensurate with experience.

Candidates should forward resume with cover letter to:

Eric Silver
System Recordings / Double Blind Music
Email: eric[at]systemrecordings[dot]com

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