jueves, febrero 5

Jonathan Fire*Eater

I had to send 3 Jonathan Fire*Eater albums + 1 song to one of my last.fm pals in the UK and figured you might want to check it out. The link is good for 200 downloads or 14 days:

Jonathan Fire Eater
* Jonathan Fire*Eater (album, 1995, Third World Underground)
* Tremble Under Boom Lights (1996, Medicine)
* Wolf Songs for Lambs (1997, Dreamworks SKG)
+ "Don't Forget Me" from "When The Curtain Calls For You"

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Anónimo dijo...

I´m Looking for the "Jonathan Fire*Eater"-album from 1995,but the link is expired.
Is it possible to re-up

thx in advance

lo dijo...

oh no, please could you re-up this ?? it will be so great !! I can't find this anywhere !

brandumb dijo...

CAn you re-ep the first album?

It's impossible to find.

Nice blog!

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