martes, febrero 3

25 completely false things about me

1. Ice cream is gross, especially coffee flavor.
2. I totally love outdoor festivals. Dirt and thousands of people. Yesss!
3. I don't find glittery vampires funny, definitely not funny enough to laugh out loud.
4. Flying isn't frightening. Climbing into a tin can to be propelled through the air at inhuman speeds? It's nothing!
5. I never take pictures.
6. Eight is my unlucky number, along with 3.
7. I once went 'deep sea diving' at the bottom on the Mississippi River to analyze minerals.
8. I don't have any tattoos or scarification.
9. I know every word to every Billy Ray & Miley Cyrus song ever released.
10. I am immune to most diseases and have no allergies.
11. I am a fantastic cook, and have been well versed in culinary skills for years. My specialties are Jalapeño Grilled Duck Breast and The Ferrari Jewel Bako Roll, which is sushi.
12. I was part of a Mensa study from the ages of 4-7.
13. I have written episodes of T.J. Hooker, Hill Street Blues, 21 Jump Street and C.H.I.P.S.
14. "Whoomp! (There It Is)" is co-written by me and also is the 8th best selling song of all time. I am annoyed that Bryan Adams and Whitney Houston are higher on the list.
15. My vision is 20/20.
16. Madonna is a woman I find uninspiring and disinteresting.
17. I speak four different languages, including Klingon.
18. Speaking of Klingon, I have never been to a Comic or Anime Convention.
19. At 5'11, I am unusually tall for that of my gender and ancestry.
20. After producing Blur's self-titled album throughout 1996 (released in '97), I went on the band's subsequent world tour opening for them as a one-woman Pavement cover band.
21. Claire Bennet's character on Heroes is based on my life in high school. Strangely, so is Vince Noir's on The Mighty Boosh.
22. For as long as I can remember I have not eaten after 5pm, therefore I do not eat dinner.
23. The first image of a Smurf was based on a scribble I made at 17 months old.
24. My first car was a unicorn.
25. Last year I went base jumping for fun every weekend and took different people with me each time not telling them what we're doing beforehand. They were always surprised.

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