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4th of July advice for your dog from our trainer

Your pets and fireworks!! Beware!

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Every year the skies light up with beautiful fireworks displays, which we love to watch. To dogs and cats, these bright light bursts and bangs are terrifying and completely stressful. And it's not just the big fireworks display events on the 4th of July, but the weeks before and after when individuals love to have their own backyard fireworks parties. Dogs can become irrational when frightened. The instinct to run sets in and the need to escape kicks in so hard they will chew a door or window frame to pieces or even break out a window! Too many dogs can be seen running in a blind panic down the streets, and stepping out into the streets. Our local shelters get filled to capacity with stray, un-identifiable dogs and cats. Dogs have super-sensitive ears and can hear sounds up to 4 times the distance as humans can. Loud noises can actually cause pain to their ears!

Here is a list of stress and anxiety behaviors your dog may exhibit:
whining, barking
attention seeking behaviors
loss of appetite
loss of house training
escape behaviors

What you don't ever want to do:
-Don't take your dog to a fireworks display.
-Don't punish your dog for being frightened
-Don't try to comfort or reassure your dog with petting or telling them its OK when frightened as this just re-enforces nervous behavior. Only reward calm behavior.
-Don't leave your dog outside.
If your dog lives outside, now would be the time to bring them indoors.
-Don't leave your dog alone if possible.

What you can do:
-Now is a great time to make sure they have an ID tag on their collar.
This should contain a current phone # and address.
-Is your dogs license current?
Do you know where your local city shelter is?
-Are they micro-chipped?
-Bring your dog inside and if possible, don't leave them home alone.
If you have to leave them alone for a few hours, how about in an enclosed room with the curtains drawn and a fan and/or radio, TV on to block out the noise?
-Have a safe place or den for them to hide-like a crate or covering a table with a blanket, or placing their beds behind a sofa so they can feel safe, secure and comfortable.
-Give them food filled toys or special toys to try and occupy them.
-Vets do dispense dog downers(sedatives) if you have a highly upset pet.
There are many holistic calming products on the market now too.
-If necessary, there are vets, dog day care centers, kennels, and dog sitters to safely, care for your animals.
If you lose your dog or find one:
-Make sure you have a current photo to make a flyer. Post flyers!
-Go to your local city shelter.
For the Northeast area it is North Central Animal Shelter located on 26th St.
http://www.laanimal services. com.
They are open 24 hours/7 days a week if you want to bring a found dog or cat there.
In the event of a medical emergency,do you know where your local 24 hour emergency hospitals are?
With all that being said, good luck and have fun!
Prepare now so you can have a safe and happy 4th of July.

If you need further help for you and your dog, or have any questions please feel free to contact me.


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