lunes, julio 24

The Beatles' "The Long & Winding Road"

Waimoku Falls Trail,`Ohe`o
Haleakala National Park

"It may be the bane of environmentalists due to its agressive invasiveness, but the not-native-to-Hawaii bamboo forest we passed through next is really quite beautiful. Over 30'/9m tall, this exotic forest is cool and dark and quite spooky. There is a raised wooden walkway to keep hikers from sinking in the mud.

The winds that funnel up from the sea cause the leafy tops of the bamboo to sway, and as the poles below knock together in the gloom they produce sounds both beautiful and eerie, like primitive music. The different thicknesses of bamboo produce tones of differing pitch, stacatto-like. And when the bamboo trunks scrape and rub against each other, the screeching and whistling sounds mimic `50s jungle- movie creatures."

Repeated on the trail on the ipod: "The Long & Winding Road" - The Beatles

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