sábado, abril 12


It's wonderfully 93˚ in Los Angeles right now & my allergies are ruining my enjoyment of this beautiful day. I took a Claritin, and am waiting for it to kick in so I can take a walk around in the 'hood. In the mean time, I am shopping online with my cat Wubbe beside me for a summer sun hat, and watching "The Universe" on The History Channel as they talk about liquid methane on Titan.

Since it is so hot, I would really like to enjoy one of the ice pops I got, but I had my teeth whitened yesterday, and am not allowed any artificially colored/stainy foods until Tuesday. (Tuesday, lovely Tuesday! When I will ingest nothing but my beloved espressos.) The dental assistant put it to me like this, "Think of it as wearing a white dress. If what you're eating is going to stain the shirt, it is going to stain your teeth." She paused, though I could not respond due to my mouth being held open by a stretcher, teeth covered in harsh bleach, gums protected by a rubber appliqué, and a bright light pointed toward my mouth. So she, Bianca, continued "Your teeth will also be sensitive. For two to four days... To hot stuff, cold stuff... the air." Luckily, I'm on day 2 and the sensitivity went away (for now) and I haven't experienced it at all today.

Things I can eat: Egg drop soup, white bread, water, clam chowder, saltines, milk, lemonade (watered down), vanilla soft serve or ice cream, salad with a white dressing such as ranch or caesar - all served lukewarm or at room temperature.

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