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Internet Marketing Specialist

Neighborhoodies is seeking someone to lead its internet marketing department in our Brooklyn headquarters. Your job will be to connect our incredible output of new products and shirts (10 incredible and irreverent new designs a day! check our site!) with new customers. Qualified individuals will possess first and foremost an uncanny web savvy and pop cultural hyper-fluency. Able to recognize or quote from every TV show ever made? This is what we’re talking about. But wait, you possess deep familiarity with cpm and cpc forumlas, and ease and demonstrated experience with double click, facebook, google adwords, alexa, and google analytics. We admit it, nerdy glasses do help, since you’ll be part of continual hourly brainstorming sessions. As would considerable experience in the media world, since you’ll be dealing intimately with the world’s best blogs, websites, and web publishers. Salary takes both of these into account (your experience and your glasses).

About us: Neighborhoodies is the world’s most beloved custom clothing company. We are the only company in America to produce hand-stitched custom hoodies. We also produce five times the number of daily house-designed readymade shirts as our closest competitor. Combine the two and you have the leader in superior quality, and an unrivalled nimbleness and creativity. Employees enjoy European-style vacation, personal days, and a wonderful work environment with a focused Brooklyn headquarters team of ten. Our tipping point is just around the bend -- come help push. Send your resume to michael[at]neighborhoodies[dot]com

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