lunes, julio 14

celestronica & love affair (july 2008 mix)

I'm sure you've been there... inviting someone over to "listen to records" (or watch movies) when really your motives lean towards that of a saliva exchange.

(((You sneaky bugger.)))

The problem with this, is if you're really into the make-out session is that your playlist runs dead (ipod). Your random/shuffle selection picks something downright killer (mood killer, that is), or if you're so suave as to be handling vinyl - you have to switch sides or else you're cursed with the repeated white noise of the end of Side A.

Hopefully in most of your kissing parties, you've reached a point to where you can care less if Suicidal Tendencies are there in the flesh, playing in your living room to you and your make out buddy stripping down to your skivvies to exchange DNA. But there are times when, either the mood hasn't reached its peak, you just don't take the meeting of the mouths too seriously, you've had too many laugh inducing substances, or the song that comes up is just holds too much irony for you to stifle your memory.

Whether I laughed out loud, ran off altogether, or politely made a mental note - this month's mix holds those songs that were too memorable to erase, for one reason or another...

Listen to half:
Download it all here: Celestronica & Love Affair (July 2008 mix tape)

1. Like You - Kelis
2. Cold-Hearted Snake - Paula Abdul
3. Private Life - Oingo Boingo
4. Sexual Anorexia - Pain Teens
5. Enter Sandman - Metallica
6. Feel Like Makin' Love - Bad Company
7. Just One Kiss (Extended Mix) - The Cure
8. Blue Hawaiian - Pavement
9. Trashing Days - The Notwist
10. Love Buzz - Nirvana
11. Cigarettes & Alcohol - Oasis
12. Bummer In The Summer - Love
13. Complicated Girl - Bangles
14. At Home, At Work, At Play - Sparks
15. Who'll Be The Next In Line - The Kinks
16. I Believe In You - Neil Young


ps) There was one time when some dude in high school played a Smashing Pumpkins CD on repeat and that was memorable in the way it was absolutely fucking horrible - but I dare not have you partake in such practices of musical occult.

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