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Olivia Arrow's "The Feather Girl Project"

It was probably over a year ago now, but I partook in an art project spearheaded by my friend and zine-queen Olivia Arrow. The whole story behind this interesting project can be read in her manifesto below. (Also located in the downloadable pdf linked below.)

Olivia Arrow features my piece as the first one in the series!
I used sentimental images (of course) and my very own eyelashes.

Click to enlarge.

Here's the original:



"Over a year ago, perhaps going on two, I had done a line drawing of a friend for her to use on her upcoming birthday invitations. I photocopied the drawing and did several versions for her to choose from. I then mailed them to her. The package never arrived at her home, nor was it ever returned to me. Art lost forever in the postal system! Unable to accept the loss, I decided to replace the work, even though it was too late for it to be used as the intended birthday invites. This time I would employ friends and family. The idea evolved into a desire to make a book of all the different versions. After viewing the first few, I soon realized a book would not do the works justice, unless I had a couple grand to spend on printing costs. Instead, I have created this file for you to enjoy at your convenience, where you can zoom in, see the texture and color clearly, and even print out your favorites to save. All works are original and not to be reproduced for sale or commercial use, but to enjoy the range of styles that makes this project so fun. With artists from California to Germany, aged 6 to 50-something, you can see that every participant has their own unique way of looking at and tackling the same piece. I was so excited to see what each person came up with, always surprised and impressed at the variety of imagination and creativity. I also left the first page as it originated, for you to experiment with your own version!" XOXOlivia

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Kirsten Ashley dijo...

I just downloaded the pdf of the Feather Girl Project. I was actually linked to it from another participant. Very cool collaborative idea.

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