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NY JOB OPP - Web Developer and PHP Programmer for Conde

Begin forwarded message:

Hey L337 h4ck3r5! I thought that you or someone you know might be
interested in a job opportunity at my company. The pay is good and its a
great work environment, not like the high school cliques of the times
square offices of Conde Nast.

At CondeNet, we create tailored brands and online experiences for our
clients and create buzz by partnering campaigns with one of our successful
web communities (such as epicurious, style, mens style, wired, reddit,
concierge) or one of Conde Nast's popular magazines (such as Vogue,
Glamour, Lucky, Vanity Fair, GQ, Architectural Digest, Domino, Self).

On my team, we often have concurrent tight deadlines but recently on top
of that have needed to build new technologies, such as content management
systems and tracking systems, and need to expand our team to do all this
extra work.

So, we are looking for a freelance front end web developer and PHP
programmer. It is a 4 month on site contract. The hours are 9:30-6:00 and
our office is located in midtown Manhattan.

If you or someone you know is interested or has any questions, please
email me at amanda_berkowitz[at]condenet[dot]com. You can send your resumes there

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