domingo, octubre 5

Gear stolen in Rome: Pelican & Che Arthur

Please help!

i'm currently on tour in europe doing sound for pelican.

on friday we were in rome and decided to stop for a few minutes on the way to the show to see the coliseum. we parked nearby and walked a few blocks to the coliseum. 20 or so minutes later we returned and found the van window broken and all of our personal bags stolen.

we lost computers, credit cards, passports, personal journals, you name it. pretty much everything. needless to say, this is quite a crippling blow for all of us.

personally, i lost my computer, my phone, medication i have to take every day, several of my microphones, my ipod, and more.

all told, i lost roughly $4000 worth of stuff, which for me is a devastating amount.

in light of that, both pelican and i have created paypal accounts for donations that anyone might be kind enough to send our way to help us climb out of this financial disaster.

paypal donations to me can be sent to

paypal donations to pelican can be sent to


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