martes, noviembre 4

victory updates

It's been a little over an hour since they announced Obama the President elect! Here's 30 minutes of victory updates:

Mark has immense gratitude for all the phone callers, door knockers, and everyone else who made this happen.
Noah I've really never seen a reaction like this to a presidential election. It's like he won the national championship.
Fred is very happy about the future.
Mark is proud.
Katrina has had some faith restored in humanity. Thankfully.
Rana says YES WE CAN!
G Scott is moving forward and can't wait for Thanksgiving. Eating Tom the Turkey with my McCain family is going to be sooo sweet.
Miles Yes we did!
John would like to congratulate Pres. Obama and everyone that did their part to get him there. WE WON!!!!
Christopher couldn't be any happier. GO OBAMA !!!!!!
Cary Yes we can and yes we did!
Chip is so hopeful and proud!
John is what a country!
Jeana obamaaaaaaa.
Gia hopes to stop crying by tomorrow.
Andi is SO HAPPY!!! Yes We Can!!!
Io is proud to be an American.
Eddie is ready for change!
Simone is speechless.
Chris is can we party! yes we can!
Dan is very happy to be able to breathe again... ahhh.
Jason is inspired, excited and going to sleep very well tonight....AND...going to feel like way less of a dick the next time I have to travel over seas.
Scott is so proud of Barack.
Jonny is not going to move out of the country for at least the next four years.
Trey is happy.
Amy is goddamned happy.
Michael is happy to be an American - a great moment in time!
Gregg is reading from his poetry collection, Protection, on Nov. 5 at 3 p.m. at the Cal Student Store on the UC Berkeley campus.
Scott is proud to be an American today. Thank you to all who voted for Obama and took the first step to restoring our nation's greatness.
Jeremy I totally called it.
Matt is moved to tears.
Corey is proud to be American again.
Lori Yes, yes, yes!
Mahmood We are 338!
Benjamin is cheering.
Kurt feels so awesome to say "President OBAMA!!!!!".
Ever I hope Palin kept her snow suit...
Simone is drunk and celebrating. Thanks McCain for his fine concession speech.
Cindy can hear people yelling and screaming in joy out on the streets of San Francisco from inside her apartment.
Danny is dazed.

And I love every single one. Tomorrow: Victory Playlist. Suggestions welcome!!

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