viernes, diciembre 12

JOB OPP: for the techies - webcast technician

The job opp isn't with an exciting company - it's corporate, Barclays
Bank - but this is a good steady full-time paycheck with benefits in
this crappy economy.

Looking for someone who knows:

- audio and video production technology - mixing boards, vid
switchers, basic mic technique, camera op, etc.
- internet/networking tech - TCP/IP etc.
- internet audio/video streaming tech - real media, windows media,
flash - encoding and server side
- knows live event production and pressures that go along with
- If you know Accordent webcast tech you're a shoe-in (this is
extremely specialized though so not a 100% requirement)
- bonus if you know video conferencing tech

if you know anyone with the above chops, have them get in touch and I
will pass them along.

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vidconco dijo...

Linkedin Streaming Media Professionals group is loaded with folks that would fit.

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