viernes, diciembre 5

NY-TORONTO driver needed


Begin forwarded message:

unfortunately Rudely Interrupted's driver was hit by a car yesterday. This
means they now need need a driver to take them from NYC-Toronto and back to
NYC. They will be leaving very early Sunday morning, and coming back to NYC
on Dec. 10th or 11th.

If you know a qualified, reliable driver, over the age of 26 (for van
insurance purposes) and an active passport, please let me know. While the
band are Autistic, they have a crew of handlers with them. There may be a
little more than the usual STOP/START type of thing, but it should all be
pretty smooth driving.

There will be some financial compensation, but the driver and the band's
manager can work out that deal amongst themselves. We are simply assisting
in making a connection and solving their problem.

Get in touch with me if you are interested in this ASAP

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