jueves, enero 29

The Slithering Stoic

Miguel took some time out to write out 25 facts about himself, and his new astrology sign was # 25. Naturally, I had to look mine up.

This is mine:

This is the most natural of Snakes. Snake people often display cosmic leanings and cleave to the other worldly. Taurus grounds them. This Snake will be intuitive (as usual), yet wonderfully discreet. The Taurus part of the character will lend earthiness. This wildly attractive creature causes havoc among members of the opposite (or same for that matter) sex. People cannot control their desire to be controlled by this marvelously sensual type whose alluring bedside manner is almost as dangerous in as it is out of bed. The steamy sexual reputation of this cool, yet earthy creature is legendary. When a Taurean born Snake wraps itself around a sex partner, the victim has absolutely no chance of (nor any desire for) escape.

Famous Taurus Snakes - Johannes Brahms, Henry Fonda, Audrey Hepburn...

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micahvellian dijo...

i'd say you're in good company with Audrey Hepburn :)

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