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NYC JOB OPP - Billboard

Hi all,

Please feel free to forward far and wide: Some of you may know that
Billboard's Jonathan Cohen is leaving his senior editor's role to
become the music booker on Jimmy Fallon's new late-night show. That
means Billboard will be hiring a new senior editor.

The job is based in New York and splits its time primarily between
assigning/editing the music section in the weekly print magazine and
editing/writing the news section every day on It's an
exciting time to be attached to We're in the midst of a
massive investment in and redesign of the site that will let us build
on the pretty sizable success we've already accomplished.

You've got to be super-knowledgeable about many styles of music, be a
hound for news, write and edit fast clean copy, speak the web fluently
(especially the opportunities presented in the mobile, social and
multimedia parts of it) and be a nice person.

This is not an entry level job, or a chance to prove yourself for the
first time. We're looking for several years (minimum) of experience
doing all or most of the above.

Anyone interested, please send me a resume. We're going to move as
quickly as possible on this one.


Please email me if you're interested and i'll forward along.
I am just the messenger and this is all I know.

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