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>>>Slight addendum, I found out after I posted this that this person would initially be based in LA to work closely with their partner (this is a joint venture with another music company) who is based in LA.

If you are interested, please drop me an email.

Beatsource.com is looking for an experienced, self motivated individual with artist relationships, management and communication skills. The Senior content manager must have extended experience within the music Industry, specifically music licensing, negotiations and digitization. This person will need to work with large music organizations to acquire content, identify potential roadblocks (legal, physical or artist - based) and get results. The senior content A&R individual comprehends the urban and crossover DJ market and how it relates to online e-commerce.

This manager will work to gather catalog and differentiated music content (remixes, stems, acapellas, etc.) from artists and labels across a wide variety of music genres, but primarily Hip Hop / Rap / R&B for the purposes of selling this music to the core customer: Urban music DJs and enthusiasts. The Senior content manager will engage artists, producers and labels to create and/or allow for licensing of specialized content for the Beatsource online music store. The primary goal is to generate enthusiasm amongst the Urban music community to ensure that Beatsource has all the content it requires for success.

Liaise with urban music producers / Artists to achieve buy-in to the Beatsource concept.
Manage the aggregation and delivery of content from within major record labels to Beatsource.
Creation and management of DJ/Artist/Producer “advisory board” to guide Beatsource initiatives and partnerships
Liaise with Major and Independent labels to acquire content for the store.
Creation and execution of content flow process from content providers to Beatsource
Manage music clearance issues

Required Skills:
Exceptional Communication and Organization skills
Music Industry Experience specifically with urban Genres
Industry cache & Top Level Industry contacts
Intimate knowledge of Urban DJ culture
Technical knowledge of music production and mastering techniques.
Ability to build consensus and work effectively from outside the primary office location.
Deep historical knowledge of Urban and crossover Music

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