jueves, mayo 21

It's been a long time since a mix tape.

So, I decided to get back on the horse and make one for Memorial Day weekend. Sweet 16 tracks, per usu. I always think it's going to be a hassle to sift through the music library but then it takes me less than one of your lunch hours to do this. But I did zip it in alphabetical order, so you can arrange as you wish. Ahh, freedom!

1. Britney Spears - Lace And Leather - I snuck good ol' Brit in here to remind you that 90% of the world listens to this crap or their country's equivalent of.
2. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Dragon Queen - Seems like everyone has a boner for this record, with good reason! They are over-playing the single, though. Gossip Girl nearly killed it for me.
3. Buraka Som Sistema - Yah! - No seriously, Yah!
4. Dan Deacon - Okie Dokie
5. David Byrne and Brian Eno - Life Is Long
6. Empire of the Sun - Walking On A Dream
- My gut tells me this borders on lame, so why does this get stuck in my head? Arrgh!
7. Jesu - Wolves
8. Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill
- What you thought Placebo wrote this song? No. Just no! Everyone going ga-ga over Bat For Lashes, I hear ya. I like her too. But let's give praise to that which came before... Compare/Contrast Kate Bush to BFL. And, maybe Vicki was right about BFL being a serious candidate for Lilith Fair 2010...
9. Kyuss - 100º Space Cadet Demon Cleaner
10. Ladyhawke - Back of the Van (Daisy O'Dell's beatbox mix).mp3
- Daisy did an amazing job channeling Trinere & Lisa Lisa & other freestyle 80s gals in doing this remix!
11. Phoenix - Lisztomania - The whole Phoenix album is super good! Srsly!
12. The Go-Gos - You Can't Walk In Your Sleep (If You Can't Sleep)
13. The Horrors - I Can't Control Myself
14. Vaselines - Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam
- What you thought Nirvana wrote this song?
15. Via Tania - Light Years
16. Ween - Mutilated Lips

Download all these tracks here, https://download.yousendit.com/U0d4OU1hUENZY1NGa1E9PQ let me know what you think of these!

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