martes, junio 30

pfft. foiled again.

The last time we planned a trip up the coast the Santa Barbara area was on fire. This weekend, we were going to try again and even found a hotel in Solvang that accepts pets. Thanks to Michael Jackson's public viewing at Neverland Ranch, heading north on the 101 any time after Thursday would be what the news is calling a "logistical nightmare."

I'm in agreement. The only way to get up to Neverland Ranch is going through the 101 fwy which is where Solvang is off of. I know there's going to be hordes (understatement) of MJ enthusiasts making non-MJ-related tourists and locals in the area lose their holiday weekends. Including us. Now our weekend plans are sunk!!!

The kind of traffic this public viewing is surely going to cause road rage.

Fooey! Bollocks! Baloney!

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