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JOB OPP - Marketing/Publicity for Internet Radio Website

Marketing/Publicity for Internet Radio Website
We are looking for an independent publicist or marketing person who
specifically or generally understands Internet Radio web sites. My business
partners and I are in the throes of starting a new Internet radio web site,
which is on the verge of being launched very soon.
The promotion of said site has finally become important to our business
agenda. As a reference, I have been producing and hosting Internet Radio for
over eight years now as Fevered Brain Radio and RadioMike, so I do have a
track record, and I am certainly not a fly-by-night Internet Business
opportunist. If I had to select a better Internet business model, I probably
would, but I do this out of love for the local and indie artists out there
and certainly for the love of the music.
Please take a look at the past and a glimpse of the future of what we are
doing at and
(Please note: the old site suffered a recent crash and the new site isn't
live yet and so content is sparse).
Is there anyone out there that offers this variety of publicity or can
anyone recommend someone who does?
Mike Perazzetti

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