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Update on: "A complaint letter to Petco for cutting 1/3 of my puppy's nipple off during a simple 'groom'"

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UPDATE: went into the vetco today for them to take off the bandages. they somehow forgot to write our appointment down 72 hours ago when the accident happened. shocking*

they were going to send us home with Falkor simply unbandaged when it was apparent to both me and chad, and even one of the vet technicians that the wound wasn't fully healed.

when i asked the veterinarian for advice on what to do if my puppy scratches this still partially open and sensitive wound on her upper torso with her back legs, they gave me these in which the smallest size was too big for my puppy. they are little sacks, tightened with velcro. if she tried hard enough, she could use the ... Read Morevelcro to damage her wound.

they suggested making booties out of bandages, which I agreed was a good idea - she can definitely scratch herself with her hind legs. & they also suggested the e-collar again (they suggested it 3 days ago). i asked if it was necessary since the wound is right in-between her two front legs and by the looks of it to me - it would be physically impossible for her to even reach the area. the vet came in and advised the e-collar. i again asked if she really thought it would be of any help, i explained why i thought this.

she informed me impatiently that "she does this every day." she had an attitude, like i came in to hang out with her on a play date and was bugging her while i was trying to work. WTF man?

no shit you do this every day, i'm in your damn office because i need your professional advice and help.

her response was that my dog will contort her body to ... Read Moreget at the wound. and that i would be surprised. okay, i would be surprised if Falkor did some sort of exorcist shit and turned her head upside down to reach this wound.

anyway, the vet put her in the e-collar and these awful booties that look like ballerina slippers and make her walk like her legs are injured and she's walking on gross sticky melted marshmallows. she is bummed.

a few moments later it became apparent why the vet was so pissy with me. she left before we were even out of the office. she just wanted to leave work!

where the hell is everyone's bedside manner? why are we being treated so poorly especially after they are the ones at fault.

i wish that i could find some of these people who choose to work with animals, and at animal shops actually cared for the animals and their well being.

the worst of it is that we have to keep this shit on for 7 days and go back to that fucking place AGAIN.... Read More


at the vet office, still bandaged:

at the vet office, bandage off!

at the vet office, trying a t-shirt on as an option: fail

home from the vet, coned, bootied, and bummed:

home from the vet, coned, bootied, and bummed:

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