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NYC JOB OPP - Music Publicity

We're looking for someone at the publicist/junior publicist level. Just getting started and I haven't posted anything on Craigslist and so on (and would prefer not to) so I don't have lots of exciting text. But here's a few basic bullet points stream of consciousness:

* Position is a publicist's job, not executive assistant or intern. I wouldn't rule out the need to work the copy machine or similar in a pinch but the job is nearly 100% publicity related -- dealing with projects, writing, pitching, etc. It's not a clerical or assistant's position.

* Requires real music PR experience (or closely related PR experience) already, most likely 2-3 years, with actual pitching experience, knowledge of tour press, how a press day works, and the ability to demonstrate actual instances of pursuing and securing press hits for clients. Doesn't necessarily have to be "traditional" PR experience, online-focused experience is of interest as well, as long as it's editorial and not strictly marketing.

* Excellent writing skills, well above average and ideally close to exceptional. Published work (from personal blogs on up) a major plus.

* A music geek with interest in diverse range of styles, extremely fluent in at least a few genres and with at least a solid sense of almost all genres, and an open minded attitude towards unfamiliar genres and artists.

* Strong knowledge of media, and not just music/entertainment media. A regular reader of everything from blogs to the NY Times, and with intelligent observations to share on media trends, like the relative importance of online and print and broadcast and social media, how old rules are changing, and some ideas about how the lines in music PR are blurring -- in other words a sense of context and trends in both music and media.

* Additional things that help a lot are skills in complementary fields. Examples might include graphic/web design, expertise in database creation or XL, knowledge of music business details like publishing, syncs, and royalties, experience with live events or corporate sponsorships, or really anything that's semi-related and adds more to the mix than straight music PR experience.

* Available to accept work full time (NYC) within the next few weeks.

* Willingness to deal with me. ;-)

Feel free to reach out (or have a friend reach out) directly via this email. No calls for now if ya don't mind.

Shore Fire Media
32 Court Street 16th Floor
Brooklyn NY 11201
email | nbaily[at]shorefire[dot]com

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