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Fwd: NYC JOB OPP - PR job with social networking company

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As I mentioned earlier, a NYC-based social networking company, has asked me to help them find a person with a rather unusual skill set; a PR person with a community development/organizing background. Since you know a lot more folks in the PR world, I'm hoping that you'll be able to pass this along in hopes that someone knows a person looking for a new job.

The position requires a strong PR background, preferably with strong connections in the media world, good writing skills and a history of placements in major publications (what industry/beat is not that important - just showing that they know how to get to the right people). The person should also have a background in working within a membership organization - ideally even working with membership to identify stories to get published. This position will also be a fairly public one, so the ability to speak in public and "rally the crowd" is important as well. Since this is a technology company the person must also be passionate about the effect that technologies such as social networking can have on organizations and causes.

Pay for this position is not set yet, but depending on the level of the candidate it probably will pay $75k - $85k, plus benefits.

So feel free to pass this around to anyone you know, and if you or anyone knows someone who is interested have them call me directly at 212-920-1286 or email me at


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