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"Disco Dancing Keeps Me Warm" A Daisy O'Dell Mix

Daisy O'Dell's newest mix "Disco Dancing Keeps Me Warm", does just as it promises.  It features disco (obvs!) coupled with airy rhythms and the heavy shoe-gaze influence it's as if you're in a disco dream.  While the sound provides an authentically vintage feel, the mix is truly timeless and accessible to any glitter ball girl or boy.  These tracks are sure heat things up on any winter night!

DOWNLOAD "Disco Dancing Keeps Me Warm" A Daisy O'Dell Mix / Nov 2009 here:

1stracklove ((Instrumental)) - Moulinex
Moody Bang (Dicky Trisco Re-Edit) - Ajello
Flight To Jamaica (Todd Terje Edit) - Crashers
Weeds (Daisy O'Dell Remix) - Adamandevil
Weekend Condition (Scotty Coats And Wes The Mess Mix) - Free Blood
You'll Disappear (Jacques Renault Remix) - The Phenomenal Handclap Band
Unknow Zone - Padded Cell
Shooting Stars (Shazam Dub Mix) - Bag Raiders
Stay On In The Groove (Casual Touch Edit) - Rodney Franklin
Heart Break Dancing - Downtown Party Network
Kicking and Screaming (Daisy O'Dell & Hydratwins are House Punks Mix) - The Presets
Spacer Woman - Charlie
Angel Eyes - Lime
Earthquake (Treasure Fingers' Epicwave Mix) - Little Boots
Disco Warrior - Faze Action
Nice Girls (Daisy O'Dell Remix) - HEALTH
Collapsing At Your Doorstep - Air France

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