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Editor - Official World of Warcraft Magazine (South San Francisco, CA)

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Editor - Official World of Warcraft Magazine (South San Francisco, CA) 
Do you know the difference between a Night Elf and a Blood Elf? Do you   
know your favorite class role and spell rotations? And, more   
importantly, can you show us superlative examples of your publishing   
experience in the games/entertainment markets? 

If so, this is your opportunity to turn your favorite passion into a   
full-time job! Future US is looking for an Editor for its newest   
launch, the Official World of Warcraft magazine. This is a quarterly   
magazine that covers all aspects of the Worlds biggest MMO from its   
content to the players themselves. 

As part of Futures World of Warcraft Magazine team, the Editor is   
flexible, proactive and is able to act autonomously to effectively   
deliver on the responsibilities outlined below. This job is a full- 
time position at Futures offices in South San Francisco. 

1. Quality control. The Editor ensures all work produced is of the   
highest quality and meets the magazines standards. 
2. Development: Work with other editorial team members and the   
Editorial Director to ensure cutting edge quality and client   

Working Practices 
1. Create copy that delivers on and regularly exceeds customer as well   
as client satisfaction, and is delivered before deadline. 
2 Work with the Art Director/Designers to help them understand your   
copy and what it is doing so that they can create a page that helps   
bring your vision to full potential. Help specify photography or   
screenshots that will ensure a high-quality visual experience is   
3. When temporary or freelance staff is required, ensure that they are   
briefed and directed efficiently and cost-effectively. 
4. Ensure correct use of in-house systems. 

Communication & Development 
1. Keep your manager informed of actions and events. Contribute   
relevant points to regular reports on the successes and opportunities   
and make recommendations to help improve or streamline general   
2. Attend regular documented Editorial meetings for your team, and   
participate in discussions to address senior management directives,   
editorial issues and initiatives as well as conduct analysis of   
competitive and parallel markets to ensure Future Plus products are   
always on the cutting edge. 
3. Encourage and realise market and editorial awareness. 
4. Develop freelance writer and general contacts of worth and always   
be on the lookout for new and upcoming talent. 
5. Be editorial-conscious and aware of competitors magazines, realise   
appropriate content for the market and dissuade from self-indulgent/ 
referential editorial style. Look to other areas of copy or content   
relevant to their markets for influence and inspiration. 

To apply for this position please click on the link below and submit   
your resume and 3 writing samples through our online applicant   
tracking system. 

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