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Fwd: The Masses Blood Drive for the Morning After

The Red Cross needs your blood, as supplies are critically low in Southern

Apparently, we are among the worst region in the nation when it comes to
donating blood, and with the longest list of excuses.

The main two being driving distance, and time.

Instead of asking you to drive to Chatsworth to do something about it, we're
going to have a bloodmobile parked in front of our offices on Sunday, and
Coolhaus on hand to give out ice cream sandwiches to generous souls.
Upstairs, we'll have some DJ's will be spinning vinyl ... Basically, a
festive and feel good morning after whatever you did the night before.

Please confirm if you are available to donate.

This Sunday, 10-4. Takes an hour. 1 pint of your blood saves 3 lives.

Those who are interested can make an appointment at sponsor
code "themasses", and make an indelible change in the lives of someone in
their own society thus helping those in need in an emergency.

Or let us know what stretch of the day you'd like to drop in on, and we'll
work you in.  

Unlike most equal opportunity employers, Red Cross does discriminate (to
maintain a safe blood supply).

Strangely, hangovers are welcome. Just drink a lot of water, they say.  The
rest actually applies to a lot of people I know ... No fresh tattoos from
unregulated states (in the last year), Must weigh at least 110 pounds (rules
out some fashionable individuals), Can't have traveled to a Malaria-filled
zone in past year (lots of tropical vacationers). No intravenous drug
history (what's up, 90's bands).

Please read this closely so we don't waste your precious time.

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