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job op: executive director studiomusica (LA)

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Executive Director - Music Management - Studiomusica affiliate in US 
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We are looking for a person willing to move to Beverly Hills 90210, because the new office will be in Los Angeles CA. 
Initially an assistant will work alongside the Director and during four months of the year two members of staff from Studiomusica Europe will operate from the USA affiliate. The Director will handle all matters concerning the startup of the company: creation of a roster, publicity, attendance at sector conventions, marketing, etc. 

The Director provides leadership and vision to ensure the USA affiliate of Studiomusica fulfills its mission and achieves its goals for excellence in performance, commitment and financial results. 

S/he is responsible and accountable for the overall artistic and administrative management and direction of the company, working closely with the Board of Directors. 

The Director oversees the development and implementation of the annual operating budget. 

S/he monitors expenses and provides the Board with accurate financial reports. 


The successful candidate will be a leader and has the ability to set the Company's direction for artistic, financial, and organizational development. 

The successful candidate will have an entrepreneurial spirit and the drive to seek and find opportunities for growth, advancement and economies. S/he will be adaptable and interested in developing partnerships and alliances that further the mission of Studiomusica. 

The successful candidate will have a proven successful track record in music marketing, booking events and, if possible, as head or member of staff of theaters, festivals or similar. S/he will be able to provide an engaging, persuasive presentation of Studiomusica, both in speech and writing. 

The successful candidate will be an experienced manager with the ability to design and implement short and long-term strategic plans, to recruit and develop a high caliber staff and to ensure sound financial management and positive results. 

The successful candidate will be a person of high ethical standards and integrity. S/he will have acquired a reputation for fairness in working with others. 

The interviews will take place in the end of February in Los Angeles. 
If we are interested in your profile, we will contact you to fix the interview. 
We will consider the resumes strictly connected with this specific business area. 


Studiomusica welcomes applications for the position of Executive director to lead the future USA affiliate of the Company. 


· 21 employees, 800 events organised every year in Italy and Europe. 

· In just over a decade since its foundation in 1998, Studiomusica has become one of the major European music management companies. 

· The departmental structure means Studiomusica is organised along the lines of the major European and American management companies. 

· Studiomusica not only acts as an agency but also has an in-house press office working for artists, festivals, theaters, etc. and a section developing special projects in the music field. 

· In February 2010 Studiomusica will be opening an affiliate in the USA. 


With the support of a solid organization based in Europe, the Director of the USA affiliate of Studiomusica will have a major opportunity for personal growth with the stimulating challenge of building a company from the ground up and making it a success on the American music market. Suitable candidates will discuss their intended growth strategy for the initial years of the company directly with us. 


Please submit a covering letter describing your interest in and qualifications for the position together with a resumé and salary history and requirements. All applications will be treated as confidential. Referees will not be contacted without an applicant's knowledge. Electronic submissions are preferred. 

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