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Fwd: Free Elliott Smith mp3s


Download "Twilight" and "Last Call" Today on

Today we are making available two Elliott Smith songs: "Last Call" from Roman Candle and "Twilight" from From A Basement On The Hill. Both albums will be reissued on Kill Rock Stars on April 6, 2010.

Roman Candle is Elliott Smith's first solo album and was originally released on Portland's Cavity Search Records in 1994.

Roman Candle had quite an impact on Slim Moon, Kill Rock Stars' founder: "In 1994, I had been asked to be on this five-person solo-act tour called Pop Chord with Tammy Watson, Carrie Akre, Sean Croghan and Elliott Smith. The first night at the Crocodile in Seattle, I didn't pay too much attention and people talked all thru Elliott's set. Sean Croghan got up next and said "all of you people who just talked through Elliott's set are bummed because you just missed something very very special." The next night of the tour, at The Bottom Of The Hill in San Francisco, I listened very closely to Elliott's set, and it was basically one of those life-changing moments. Instead of watching the rest of the performers, I went out to the tour van and popped Roman Candle into the player, and listened to it on endless repeat for the rest of the evening and beyond. It completely blew my mind. I have never heard music as heartwrenchingly, gut-checkingly honest, intimate, and wise  before or since."

Roman Candle has been remastered for the re-release by Roger Seibel and Larry Crane, editor of Tape Op Magazine and archivist for Elliott's family. Kill Rock Stars will also be releasing Roman Candle on vinyl for the first time in the U.S.

From a Basement on the Hi
ll was released posthumously in 2004 on ANTI- records.

With the addition of these two records Kill Rock Stars is now the home for all of Elliott Smith's independent releases: Roman Candle, Elliott Smith, Either/Or, From a Basement on the Hill, and New Moon.


Roman Candle

1) Roman Candle
2) Condor Ave
3) No Name #1
4) No Name #2
5) No Name #3
6) Drive All Over Town
7) No Name #4
8) Last Call
9) Kiwi Maddog 20/20

From a Basement on the Hill

1) Coast to Coast
2) Let's Get Lost
3) Pretty (Ugly Before)
4) Don't Go Down
5) Strung Out Again
6) A Fond Farewell
7) King's Crossing
8) Ostriches & Chirping
9) Twilight
10) A Passing Feeling
11) The Last Hour
12) Shooting Star
13) Memory Lane
14) Little One
15) A Distorted Reality Is Now a Necessity to Be Free

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