lunes, enero 19

I copied Reybee.

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1. I do not like pickles. I think they are cucumbers soaked in evil.

2. I haven't played my Wii Guitar Hero yet and I got it last summer.

3. I do not actively drive.

4. I do know how to drive.

5. I like facial hair on men.

6. Wikipedia might be my favorite internet destination.

7. A vacation location is some place with old cold cobblestone rather than somewhere with sand, palm trees, and beaches.

8. "My side of the bed" depends on the room and its layout.

9. I have lived in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 13th, and 46th most populated U.S. cities within the last 10 years.

10. I hate doing dishes, but love doing laundry.

11. Song dedications and mix compilations (cassette, cd, mp3) are my most cherished possessions.

12. I am near-sighted.

13. My top 2 favorite magazines are published in Canada. (shrug)

14. I previously had a life-long adverse reaction to various shades of purple and violet.

15. Hand claps and violins in songs (not together) get me at the heart every time.

16. I have a cat who acts like a dog, and I am semi-fearful of dogs who are bigger than me.

17. Ice Cream and hugs go a long way.

18. I love 70s record covers and prefer them to 80s record cover art.

19. I dislike abbreviations on my name.

20. I enjoy Hershey's Milk Chocolate or Hershey' kisses.

21. I order my hot beverages at 120º

22. A half hour massage will do the trick.

23. Jameson & Ginger in the summer, Jameson neat in the winter.

24. I am non-religious, non-denominational, but just a bit demoninational.

25. When the seasons change, I tend to suffer from insomnia. Sun rise can be a beautiful time of day.

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