viernes, enero 16

January Mixy

Welcome to 2009 people! What have you resolved in the new year? I am likely somewhere in a desert town called Las Vegas resolving to not have that next buffet or watching some bowling trying to understand what that little slashy-thing means in the box on the screen. (And I thought Wii bowling was going to teach me a thing of two.)


Christmas on the beach ∆ Irene
Ein Stuhl In Der Hoelle ∆ Einstürzende Neubauten
The Hardest Thing In The World ∆ The Stone Roses
Tattoo ∆ Why?
Oblivious ∆ Aztec Camera
Snake Smoke ∆ JDSY
California Still Rules ∆ Je Suis France
Hilarious Movie Of The 90s (Koushik's Funny Flick) ∆ Four Tet
Arts Centre ∆ The Chap
Acid Taste ∆ Turzi
Haunted Dreams ∆ WishFM
Translocated ∆ TRS-80
No. 13 Baby ∆ Pixies
Sketch ∆ Clinic
Laid In Stone ∆ Lansing-Dreiden
Dandy ∆ The Kinks
Red Dust ∆ Iron & Wine/Calexico
Sunny Krakow ∆ Metalux
River Of Orchids ∆ XTC
Farewell ∆ Ayshea

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That link is awesome until January 28, 2009

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