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NYC: Delancey looking for summer intern

The Delancey are looking for a summer intern. This would be great experience for anyone that is interested in seeing what it's like to work as an events coordinator, talent buyer, promoter, etc. behind the scenes at a live music venue, dance club and cocktail lounge.

We require that you are at least 21 years of age and have an interest and knowledge of urban nightlife, You should be interested in marketing, promoting, publicity, event coordinating, etc.

Your duties would be answering phones, observing the regular day to day dialogues that take place between venues and outside promoters, artists, DJ's, etc. In addition, you would see the overall dynamic that takes place between venue employees (sound person, door person, security guards, managers, bar tenders, etc.) You would do some data entry work and other various office duties. No manual labor will be involved but expect to be challenged for sure.

Some of the perks are that you can get paid to do door shifts ($15/hr and sometimes $20/hr at night during our events from time to time) and when you're just looking to hang out here, you can have drink tickets for you and your friends at the club when you're not working, guest list to all shows, free table reservations for you and your friends throughout the club including our rooftop, free BBQ on Mondays.

This is a non-paid internship but between the perks and valuable exposure/experience that you will get from being here, it will certainly be something you can benefit off of for the future and if you do well, we will gladly be a reference for you in the future as you pursue a full-time job.

Please hit me up with your resume if this is something that you or anyone you know is interested/capable: ChrisDelanceyBooking@gmail.com

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