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LAX JOB OPP - Communications Manager- California Alliance for Arts Education

Communications Manager- California Alliance for Arts Education (Los
Angeles, CA)
The California Alliance is a statewide advocacy organization working
to advance arts education in public K-12 schools. The Alliance led
grassroots support for state funding for arts education, resulting in
the largest known public expenditure for arts education through a $105
million block grant in 2006 and $109 million in 2007 and 2008. The
Alliance also serves as a statewide leader and convener, overseeing a
network of local organizing initiatives that bring together community
leaders in support of K-12 arts and disseminating knowledge to a broad
coalition of educators, administrators, policymakers, parents and
community organizations.

The Alliance is looking for a part-time (24 hours a week) in-house
communications professional who can implement media relations efforts
and develop materials designed to:
• Create a steady release of information to boost visibility.
• Maximize effectiveness of the Alliance website
• Pitch for opinion media such as editorials and op-eds to reach
policymakers and
education decision makers.
• Support local advocates throughout the state to help them be
effective in their communities.
• Set up interviews and visibility opportunities for Alliance
leadership and board members.
• Focus on developing media opportunities to reach the “thinking,
talking public.”

Primary Responsibilities
The Communications Manager will be responsible for implementing a
communications strategy, including:
• Write biweekly newsletter, including gathering and summarizing
relevant news from other outlets.
• Manage Facebook and Twitter presence and stay abreast of new media
• Undertake rigorous media outreach throughout the year, including new
media, television, print, web and radio.
• Develop and implement media campaigns around emerging opportunities.
• Develop and manage content for the website, www.artsed411.org,
including timely updates to toolkits, advocacy alerts and resources.
• Support public appearances and events for Alliance leadership.
• Editorial outreach to influentials.
• Continued release and promotion of research reports, policy
positions and white papers.
• Staff liaison to the Strategic Communications Committee.
• Support communications-related needs for Executive Director and
Policy Director.
• Support and attend occasional Alliance events, including
fundraisers, conferences, public meetings, legislative visits.

The ideal candidate will have:
• Minimum of 5 years experience in communications, public relations,
or marketing.
• Track record of successfully implementing a range of communications
tactics in service of an issue advocacy campaign.
• Knowledge of K-12 education, including district and state
policymaking processes.
• Track record of successfully delivering key messages through a
variety of
communications tactics.
• Experience generating media coverage for policy issues and a proven
track record of packaging ideas and pitching and placing stories in
local and national media outlets, including online venues.
• Excellent writing, speaking and analytic skills; the ability to
explain and interpret arts education to the public.
• Demonstrated ability to communicate with multiple target audiences,
translating dense subject matter into accessible and compelling
• Strong interpersonal skills, flexibility, creativity, curiosity and
a good sense of humor.
• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent educational attainment preferred.
• Experience and/or involvement in the arts preferred.
How to Apply:
To Apply: Please send via email a cover letter, resume and links to
three samples of your work onlne. Email to: amy@artsed411.org

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