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LAX JOB OPP - Online Content Rewriter/Editor- Industry Intelligence Inc.

Online Content Rewriter/Editor- Industry Intelligence Inc. (Los Angeles)
Online Content Rewriter/Editor (FT, $45K-55K/ yr, DOE)
Everyone at Industry Intel, from the CEO to the newest hire, works
shoulder to shoulder toward our goal of taking business intelligence
to undiscovered levels. And no matter how much we grow, that won't
change. Our vision is to make a revolutionary difference in the
business world by changing the way information is managed, delivered
and used, thus empowering better decisions. From day one, we will
teach you, learn from you, challenge you, seek your input, and ask you
to think more innovatively than you ever thought possible. You'll work
in your job function, around it, outside it; we need intensely hard-
working thinkers, problem solvers, and most of all: believers. This...
is something special.

• To execute multimedia information gathering, rewrite and or edit an
encapsulated headline (if applicable), rewrite/edit copy or write
original copy (as applicable) then ensure proper binding and post the
same to our database.

• 40% binding and headline checking (Rewrite an appropriate headline
encapsulating the most pertinent facts, post to company database,
identifying and classifying the information by applying the
appropriate tags and bindings)
• 50% rewrites for all editors (Rewrite/edit story for copyright
• 10% real estate searching backup (Search the internet and all
available media sources for, and aggregate, relevant real estate and
related business information (news/data)

• Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from an accredited university
• 1-2 years experience
• Demonstrable business writing experience
• Proven editorial training, with strong attention to facts, figures,
and details
• Flexible and adaptable in work assignments and environment
• Team player. Easily adaptable. Focused. Not easily distracted.
• The ability to be flexible on a daily basis - some days may be 70%
rewriting, while another may be 70% doing searching and real estate.
• Ability to easily assimilate information about a broad range of
industries (open minded to learning the ins and outs of forest
products, packaging, real estate industries).
• Web/tech savvy (familiarity using computers, Google, e-mail, Instant
Messenger, etc.)

Our employees go above and beyond for us. So we go above and beyond
for you. That's why besides your typical benefits, like paid time off
and medical/dental/life/long-term disability/accidental death and
dismemberment insurance, we also offer a matching 401(k) retirement
plan; a business casual dress code; employee discounts on
entertainment, dining and gym membership; complimentary snack food;
and paid garage parking.
Check us out at www.IndustryIntel.com
If you are interested in this position, please email your resume,
cover letter & writing samples to T.Routon@industryintel.com. Please
respect our application process and DO NOT CALL our office. We also
are unable to respond to every applicant, but we do consider every
application thoroughly. Thanks!

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