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LAX JOB OPP - VP Marketing at Crackle

Sony Pictures TV is hiring a VP Marketing for Crackle, their web
> video site for their original webisode programming.

> NOTE: This job has been open for a bit because they are VERY picky
> about who they hire. Please only apply if you fit the criteria laid
> out below.

> http://hostedjobs.openhire.com/epostings/submit.cfm?fuseaction=app.jo...

> Vice President, Video Networks Marketing
> Tracking Code
> 700791
> Job Description

> Be the person to drive a top ten video destination on the web to a
> premier destination and entertainment brand for men 18-34. As head
> of marketing for Crackle, this individual will manage the brand on a
> day to day basis - refining brand essence and messaging, driving
> outreach and awareness, building strategic marketing partnerships,
> and working closely with programming, product, ad sales and
> syndication teams to ensure consistency between outbound messaging
> and experience.

> This individual is passionate about digital media and not only
> understands the landscape, but also is determined to have a role in
> shaping it. Further, with a movie and television library from Sony
> Pictures plus a studio developing and distributing the widest range
> of original series in the space, this individual has at his/her
> disposal a wide range of assets and brands with which to work. And,
> having built brands in the video space already, this person
> understands how to take the lessons from traditional media and apply
> them to the cross-platform digital media market. Consumers come
> first, and knowledge of and passion for the target demo is a must.

> This individual also will oversee online marketing initiatives as it
> relates to customer acquisition and retention for Crackle and its
> associated online and mobile video networks. As such, the individual
> will manage an all-star team responsible for acquiring, retaining,
> and driving repeat usage among customers. This group manages
> agencies and publisher relationships, and also develops social
> marketing programs; this includes the process of community
> management on both crackle.com as well as across the online
> distribution network. Furthermore, this individual will oversee the
> stats and analysis of traffic and usage data related to Crackle.
> Required Skills

> - Minimum of 8 years of online and offline marketing experience; 5+
> years experience at consumer facing, brand-name companies
> - Strong experience in brand-building in the video and entertainment
> space
> - Passion for movies, television and the emerging market for
> original digital series
> - Deep knowledge of and experience working with the target demo -
> men 18-34
> - Expertise in analyzing data, trends, events
> - Proven ability and flexibility to steer in a market that is
> changing constantly and rapidly
> - Experience managing media relationships with publishers, networks,
> third party vendors, and agencies
> - Exceptional leadership and management skills
> - Ability to manage multiple responsibilities and projects
> - BA/BS in Marketing/Business, or related degree. MBA preferred.
> Job Location
> Culver City, CA, US.
> Position Type
> Full-Time/Regular

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