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LA JOB OPP - Winner & Associates - Associate Position

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Winner & Associates - Associate Position (Century City)
Winner & Associates is a full-service strategic communications 
consulting firm specializing in issues and crisis management, public 
affairs, marketing and public relations.
Winner & Associates provides strategic counsel and communications 
services to industry leaders in a wide variety of sectors including 
oil & gas, power generation, transportation, technology, entertainment 
and gaming.
Since its inception in 1975, the firm has served the U.S. and 
international communications needs of over 350 corporations, trade 
associates, law firms, governments and not-for-profit organizations, 
including more than fifty Fortune 500 companies.
Winner & Associates is looking for a new addition to the team. We are 
seeking someone with background in strategic communications, public 
and government relations, public affairs, government and/or business, 
preferably with at least 2 years of professional office experience. 
This is a full-time position that requires a minimum commitment of 40 
hours per week.
Essential Duties:
• Assist with account management and administration activities 
(includes managing assignment tracking system and project document 
archival and distribution system)
• Conduct media analysis & online research
• Assist with the development of strategic communications 
proposals, plans, reports and presentations
• Assist with the development and implementation of 
communication tools and outreach activities, including: media 
relations programs; spokesperson and media training; recruitment of 
third party spokespersons; community relations; reports, brochures 
and fact sheets; summaries of technical documents; website and blog 
communications; presentations and speeches; print, TV and radio 
advertisements; multimedia presentations.
• 2 years minimum of professional experience in relevant field 
(e. g. strategic communications, public affairs, government and/or 
• Strong Word, Excel and particularly PowerPoint skills 
• University Degree in relevant field (e.g. communications, 
business, government, law)
• Excellent oral and written communication skills
• Excellent planning & administrative skills
• Strong analytical and strategic thinking skills
• Ability to work independently and with god judgment
• Ability to work flexible hours to ensure client expectations 
and project deadlines are met
• Strong understanding of U.S. socio-economic and cultural 
• Extensive knowledge of U.S politics and government
• Firsthand understanding of contemporary web tools and trends 
a plus
Please send resume, cover letter, 1-2 writing samples and 2-3 
references to: hbarrot@winnr.com

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