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NYC JOB OPP - Musebox

Just the messenger:

Hi there freelance Publicists!
We are blessed with a heavy workload right now and are in the market
some freelance help at the NYC-based marketing and management agency
The Musebox.
We would want a qualified publicist who is also comfortable in the
world to help out by supporting some current projects that are already
underway and doing great, as well as taking on some short term
projects. It
is essential that you already have great relationships in the press
and can hit the ground running.
Bonus points is you are also adept at Social Networking.
Extra Bonus points if you use a Mac Laptop!
If this is of interest to you, please send us a resume with an
overview of
your past work (IE: Clients) We can have a phone chat and discuss and
if it
all works out we can get you started ASAP.
Your ability to work within many genres of music is essential.
Compensation package and general terms to be discussed after a
interview process.
Other things to consider!
* You would be part of a 12+ person team, with full support on all
levels (all basic structures are in place, including billing/
collections/bookkeeping, mailroom functions, IT, general HR
reporting systems, graphics, etc.)
* We have a broad and active network of built-in partnerships
already in
place with many media and brand and lifestyle outlets. We are
adding new partners and look forward to your role in this development.
* We have fun at work but get LOTS done!! We also are known for
awesome parties.
* We work with a lot of cool bands, and you would be a great draw
bring in even more great bands.
* We have a Canadian office so some workings with Canada artists
Canadian media will come into play
Proposed start date;
Jan. 25, 2010. Proposed End date; Mar. 31, 2010.
We are located in Manhattan, address listed below.
Nadine Gelineau
The MuseBox
650 Broadway (Please Note NEW address)
4th Floor
Who's in our AMERICAN MuseBox ?
Naja Rosa * Petit Mal * Modernaire * AK Momo * Lissy Trullie *
Sing * Violent Soho * Beast * Housewives * Pixie Carnation *
Sambassadeur * Red Pens * The Hush Now * Vagabond Opera * Elsewhere*
HeyHiHello * Last Man Standing * The Morakestra * Champion * Patrick
Eugene * City Light *The Brian Jonestown Massacre *Happy Ending * Bibi
Viva City * The Law * Standing Shadows * Ralph¹s World * Caravan
Palace *
Smile Smile * By;Larm Festival (Oslo) * True Lovers * Sharon Jones
and The
DapKings * Pirate Love * Butterfly Explosions * A Shoreline Dream *
Orchestra* Two Hours Traffic * The Cure *
Who's in our CANADIAN MuseBox ?
Audio Playground * Petit Mal * Modernaire * AK Momo * Lissy Trullie *
Songbird Sing * AfterpartY * Ruby Coast * Green Go * Bryan Arcand *
Collide * Paul D. * The Futureless * The Wooden Sky * Fuzzy Logic
Records *
Son The Hurricane * Dinosaur Bones

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